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Devil decides to die

Game Story 

You're the strongest entity on earth, and you've decided to die for some reason. 

A group of heroes has come to defeat you, but they're inexperienced and not at all equipped to achieve their goal.

You have to help them gain experience and become strong enough to kill you by sending monsters to them strategically.

There's only one rule in this game: "to make ENEMIES WIN"

Development Story

Hi! We are "whed", the company working to make this world funnier and happier everyday.

The mobile games that has been released these days are all quite similar. All of them has different shapes with same type of rules and goals.

  • The user controls heroes while playing the game. But the purpose of the game becomes to train heroes into a higher level then to enjoy the game itself.(These days the users do not control and just watch the heroes fight automatically)
  • The user will consider how to level-up heroes, but no matter how hard they try, heroes will be developed as same as others.(Therefore, no need to worry)
  • Even though the user plays the game well enough, they will give up at the point where they have to use their own money to continue the game.

We are tired of the mobile games pouring out everyday. That's why we decided to make a whole new type of game that never existed in this world. Everyday we thought about 'making a game different from the others'. We decided to cut out all useless elements and leave only the fun elements. After a long time of discussion and consideration, we decided to make the game 'Devil Decides to Die'.


The game setting rule 'The enemy has to be raised as to be stronger to win the game' is different from other games. 
So we call this new type of game "The world's first game where you want your enemy to win".

Game Rules

The user becomes the Devil and participate monsters in the game. The heroes cannot be controlled. 

Even though the main character of the game is the heroes. The heroes fight with monsters automatically, and also grow while fighting.

The user does not have to care about the heroes' ability. When monsters drop items and skills, the heroes get them.
The heroes use the items and skills to fight monsters, also automatically.

The user has to send out various types of monsters in order not to kill the weak the heroes. 
You will lose the game if the heroes all die. The user shall feed the heroes with monsters properly so that the heroes level up and survive.

Pray for the heroes to become stronger and stronger to kill the Devil.

Download and enjoy our game!

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